Martini recipes and tips to make a better cocktail for the home and professional bartender. Martini Glass
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Enter the Exciting World of the Martini...

Synonymous with sophistication, allure, and delicious decadence, the martini holds a hallowed place in social history - it is the "KING OF COCKTAILS." Like the stiletto heel, it never goes out of style. Entire bar menus are devoted to its variants and a hip, retro cultural movement has adopted the martini as its cornerstone for stylish fun.

The martini remains on the cutting edge of liquid fashion, constantly reinventing itself. There is no other world-traveler like the martini. Never watered down, the martini stands strong and silent in every language with no translation needed.

Looking for a Great Martini Recipe?

So pull up a few barstools and learn about martinis. King of is an informative website about the martini, where you'll find martini recipes from the classics to the newest creations. This stylish website not only tells you how to make great martini's for you and your guests, it also lets you in on the most popular drinks, how to drink a martini, the history of the martini, how to make a better martini and much more.

Some of our Favorite Martini Recipes

King of also helps martini fans to become a great home bartender with instructions on how to stock your home bar, sells a wide range of unique martini gifts and barware, and much more.

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